Vlado Footwear

Why Choose Vlado Footwear?


Vlado Footwear



There is something to be said about athletic footwear that is not only comfortable and versatile, but also affordable and durable. Over the years, Vlado Shoes has established themselves as one of the leading footwear companies that promotes their athletic shoes in competition, exercise, and in style. When you see someone wearing Vlados shoes, you know they have made an exceptional choice.

What are Vlado Shoes?

Founded by Jill Kim, her vision was to create a set of athletic shoes that did more than look good when you are on the court or jogging on the sidewalk. Based in Los Angeles, Vlado footwear has managed to make a marked impact around the world for their standout style, durable materials, and exceptional comfort.

Since 2003, the company has created several lines of athletic shoes that range from jogging to crossover to the high-point of fashion all thanks to the combination of high-quality materials, a unique style, and being affordably priced so that everyone gets the chance of wearing great athletic footwear. Many of the shoes feature the signature Velcro strap over the top of the laces, but there are many other designs that incorporate the latest in fashion, style, and comfort


Being seen in Vlado shoes is considered a substantial benefit, especially by those who prize their style and understand the quality selection. However, there are other advantages to wearing this celebrated brand of footwear.

Unique Design: It says something about any footwear company that their style can be instantly recognized even without seeing the logo. For Vlados shoes, the signature strap is certain one of their trademarks. However, it is the overall emphasis on creating a unique design that incorporates comfort and style that makes them unique. Nothing is sacrificed in terms of design which is why the company is reaping the rewards of being celebrated.

Durable: Sadly, too many brands that make flashy athletic footwear sacrifice quality for making a fashion statement. That is not the case with Vlado as their entire line is crafted from exceptional materials designed to last under normal conditions. Resistant to the element while holding up under the stress of doing workouts, aerobics, crossover training, and more, the footwear line from Vlado is one of the best when it comes to durability.

Price: Usually, the latest in design and the best in quality mean paying high prices, but that is not the case with Vlado. You can find their products affordably priced for your needs, so you are not breaking the bank when paying for their shoes. Vlado has managed to create different lines of athletic footwear that is perfect for your needs while fitting your pocketbook.

If you are looking for the best in athletic footwear, go no further than Vlado shoes. They offer of the best in style, quality, and price for those who want to be in style while getting into shape or competing in an event. It’s little wonder that so many wear Vlados shoes when at the gym, jogging around town, or just relaxing with friends.