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March 13, 2019
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January 22, 2020
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Love is in the air. Whether you have been married for years, are waiting for the question to be popped, or you are single, weddings can be very fun. Who doesn’t love an occasion that calls for dressing up in a way we don’t normally get to dress up? I’m all for occasions that give me the chance to relax and look really cute, all at the same time, and stress free at that.
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Wedding season is quickly approaching us. Whether your family is huge, or you have a number of friends who just so happened to get lucky all at the same time, you may have a wedding or two to attend. The question is: What should you wear?

You, of course, don’t want to be too jazzy to the point where people feel like you are trying to outshine the bride. It’s not the Grammy’s, but you don’t want to just be Plain Jane that is too casual either. You want to find a man, if you don’t already have one, or you just want a reason to remind the man you already have why he’s with you. It’s a love occasion anyway, right?

Wedding Guest Dresses 2020 Review

We took the opportunity to review three dresses, from our trusty sidekick (you guessed it!) Amazon, that may be perfect as wedding guest dresses:

  1. HOMEYEE: Women’s Sleeveless Cocktail A-Line Embroidery Party Summer Wedding Dress
Photo of Wedding Guest Dresses 2019

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  1. AKIVIDE: Women’s Sleeveless ¾ Sleeve Cocktail Lace Wedding Guest Dress
Photo of Wedding Guest Dresses 2019

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  1. NOCTFLOS: Women’s Summer Cold Shoulder Midi Dress for Casual Cocktail Wedding Guest
Photo of Wedding Guest Dresses 2019

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All the dresses we reviewed catered to the wedding guest, and were perfect for a number of different seasons. As we checked out some of the dresses, we looked at the reviews. A few reviews are listed below to give you an idea of what we came across. (Note: all the reviews we found we given by real people with photos to back up the event. This further ensures us the dresses could be ideal for the occasion at hand.)

• “I love the dress! The material is stretchy and very comfortable to wear. It’s unbelievable that this dress looks so high end, but is at such a great price!” (Homeyee Dress)
• “Loved how comfortable this dress is! The material is stretchy and easy to dance in. I received many compliments and would recommend it to all.” (Akivide Dress)
• “Such a pretty dress! Received so many compliments on it. Fit perfectly. I’m 5’2 around 115 pounds.”

Things to consider when buying one of these dresses.

There are a few things you may want to consider when picking out the perfect wedding guest dress. Especially if you are doing so online.

The Season

As with most outfits you choose, you want to be mindful of the season you would be wearing it in. You probably don’t want to get a strapless sundress to wear to a wedding in the middle of December. (Unless, of course, the wedding will be in a tropical climate where this attire may be appropriate for that time of year.) For the most of us though, you still need to keep the season in mind. What’s the weather most likely going to be like? What type of venue may we be in that can further contribute to the effects of weather patterns or temperatures? These are all things to consider when picking out the perfect wedding guest dress.

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You may not necessarily want to consider the descriptions per say, but you do want to be mindful of them and the product names. I’m sure you don’t do a lot of blind shopping online anyway. (Like purchasing an item based off the description alone.) This is, however, something to pay attention to. For instance, the first two dresses threw me off just a little when I saw the name described them as sleeveless. The first few I looked at were not sleeveless at all, at least not from what I’ve gathered. While they are still great dresses, if you are looking for something sleeveless, these definitely wouldn’t be what you were expecting.


Again depending on the season, you may be looking for a specific look or even a specific length. Measuring yourself and checking the sizing charts and model pictures can go a long way toward ensuring your dress isn’t too long, or much shorter, than what you were hoping to show up to the party in.

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Dresses Reviews

As you can tell, since I added a few in this post, reviews are important. When purchasing items, especially online where you can’t see them for yourself, relying on other people’s experiences and opinions can be the biggest tool in helping you make a decision on the dress you should buy. While, of course, you may not have the same opinion upon receiving the item, it will at least give you a general idea of the type of product you may be ordering.

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Again, this isn’t the Grammy’s. There’s no reason you have to buy one of those “one occasion” numbers to be worn once to one wedding, never to be pulled out of your closet again. Most dresses you choose to wear as a guest for a wedding can be versatile and be worn to other events, and even casually, depending on your style and day-to-day life. Don’t waste money on something you would only wear once, especially if you have a number of weddings to attend.


In conclusion, as we reviewed the above-mentioned dresses, we took all these things into consideration. After reviewing all of the dresses, my favorite would have to be the AKIVIDE. While the name solely represented sleeveless dresses, and the first dress I saw had sleeves, I found that some colors came both sleeveless and with sleeves. This option, along with the lace detail, made this dress a versatile one which could be considered for any season, provided that it was a style you liked.

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